If We All Cared

Operation H.O.O.D. is a Coney Island anti-gun violence organization using a public health model replicated after the Cure Violence movement in Chicago

We help to change community norms of gun violence and enforce a healthier way of thinking and living by:

  • Supporting participants in finding programs in the community such as: employment, GED, and drug treatment
  • Mediating conflicts
  • Offering workshops to help develop life skills
  • Escorting participants to job interviews, social service appointments, and court dates
  • Assisting with family issues
  • Navigating public and social service agencies
  • Tutoring services
  • Offering a full gym with treadmill
  • Facilitating community conversations
  • Hosting community events
  • And much more!

Join us @ 2811 Mermaid Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224
(718) 449-5000 ext. 2288

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